• Structural Furniture Repairs


    Over time, furniture ages. They become dented, nicked, scratched and they may suffer from joint and structural stability. Yet, as tempting as it may sound to replace all of your old furniture with new ones, not everyone can afford to. This is what Brisbane Furniture Restorers are all about.

    If you have tables, chairs or cabinets that are starting to show their age and you would like to have them restored to their old glory – let us know.

    Brisbane Furniture Restorers offer a diverse range of services that can give your old furniture a breath of new life.

    Don’t, whatever you do, attempt to repair an item yourself as this can often cause further damage and may lead to the item being destroyed. Brisbane Furniture Restorers have all the right tools and correct glues to repair a broken item and more often than not, you won’t see where we have made the repair.

    It has taken us years to perfect our process of getting the join and grain to line up perfectly and to get the colour and polish to match the old finish if needed.

    Once glue goes into a repaired joint it cannot come out again, so a dodgy repair can destroy or dramatically devalue an item.

    For all your Structural Furniture Repairs, call us on 0408 071 873. You may also leave us a message on our easy form.